IT Security

Fixing a security problem in existing software after the fact is many times more expensive than identifying and avoiding it at the planning stage. In a Secure Software Development Lifecycle (Secure SDLC), information security is included from the very beginning and in all phases of development: This allows agile development and information security to be reconciled while saving costs and effort.

DevOps tools for automating security checks help keep the manual workload to a minimum. In addition to product and code security, we also safeguard against other threats and examine your software supply chains (software supply chain security), for example.


Our goal is to help your organization transform, provide you with a framework for secure software development, and create awareness of information security – so you and your developers emerge from the project with new confidence and expertise in information security.

Considering the multiple dimensions of information security in all phases and areas can quickly become overwhelming: That’s why we’re happy to support you in integrating information security into your SDLC and help you create the appropriate processes. This way you can develop secure software faster and more reliably.